The IT department (Information Technology) is essential for any medium-sized company today. Now that information is much more important than other more physical assets, IT needed a bodyguard, and thus the security/">cybersecurity department was born.

The latter are usually considered as part of the IT department and for practical purposes they are, but technically cybersecurity is an independent department that works for IT, and not IT.

Management and protection

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Generally speaking, IT employees use computer networks, hardware and software, to store information digitally. While the cybersecurity department focuses only on protecting these systems from potential unauthorized access.

On the other hand, IT also has employees dedicated to security, usually known as InfoSec. Their task may overlap with those of cybersecurity, but InfoSec tends to focus on protecting information, while cybersecurity will focus on protecting internal networks.

In addition, InfoSec often has contingency plans for data theft, recovery plans, and a focus on using the cloud as a “hideaway”. For its part, cybersecurity, not only prevents but also prepares to counter cyberattacks and they are experts in malicious software and how to protect yourself from them.

Finally, also IT Security, who is responsible for protecting physical access to hardware with compromised information. As you can see, when it comes to information there are up to three security teams at different levels and they are all important.

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Right now there are many security companies that sell these services, while some only offer cybersecurity and leave the InfoSec to the company that hired them. There are many ways to protect data, but it is good to be clear about the role of each member of the security team.