It looks like a normal mobile phone, but inside it houses a thermal camera and even a microscope

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1700487750 840 560.jpeg

The Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra is a rugged phone with mid-high range features and two very particular camera sensors

We often tend to think that mobile phones no longer innovate as much as before and the truth is that it is a perception based on facts. However, like a shooting star, a terminal with peculiarities appears from time to time that makes us see some light. It is the case of Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra which does not stand out so much for its technical sheet, but rather for its two particularities.

It’s about a rugged phonethat is to say, an ultra resistant mobile very oriented to a specific audience. And precisely its two extras go that way, since they are two camera functions that make the mobile capable of being used as a microscope and as a thermal camera.

A rugged mid-high range with elements not so typical of these ranges

The Power Armor 18T Ultra is a mobile phone that at first glance stands out for its robust size that already shows signs of being a very resistant phone to both shocks and elements such as water and dust. However, if there is something that makes it special, it is its two additional camera sensors to the lenses that smartphones usually have.

Thermal camera

On the one hand we find a camera with thermal functions thanks to its infrared sensors. In thermal imaging it offers a resolution of 160 x 120 and a reading range that goes from -10º C to 400ºC. Its usefulness ranges from inspecting vehicle engines or electronic devices to detecting a person’s body temperature.

The other lens in contention is a 5 megapixel microscope with up to 60x magnification. For practical purposes it is similar to what we saw in terminals such as the OPPO Find X3 Pro or more recently in the OPPO A98 5G. It is a 1/5-inch lens that, without testing it, we suspect will yield results similar to those of OPPO, highlighting examples such as the textures of clothing, human skin or the pixels of a panel. .

Otherwise, the rest of the specifications They refer to what in any phone from Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO and company would be a mid-high range terminal. It stands out in sections such as the battery for its enormous capacity, although in some points such as the screen we find rare elements in those ranges.

Ulefone Power Armor 18T Ultra
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 175.2 x 83.4 x 18.8mm

409 grams

SCREEN 6.58 inch IPS

2,408 x 1,080p resolution

401 ppi

120 Hz refresh rate

Corning Gorilla Glass 5

PROCESSOR MediaTek Dimensity 7050
FRONT CAMERA 32 Mpx f/2.0
REAR CAMERA Major: 108 Mpx f/1.89

Macro: 5MP f/3.0

Thermal camera: Unspecified

Microscopic camera: Unspecified

BATTERY 9,600 mAh

66W fast charging

SOFTWARE Android 13


Bluetooth 5.0



Dual SIM

3.5mm headphone jack


OTHERS IP68/IP69K against water and dust
PRICE About 500 euros

The usefulness of camera sensors for the general public maybe it’s not that much. After all, these functions are not something that we take advantage of on a daily basis, unless we dedicate ourselves (as a hobby or work) to actions that require taking advantage of these functions. However, at least to satisfy curiosity, it is a real hoot.

If already the rugged phone They have a very defined target, with this they are even more so. If this type of robust mobile phone suits you and the rest of the technical specifications fit you, great. Yes indeed, At the moment it is only available in some markets and in very specific stores at a price of around 500 euros (although there are places where reaches 700 euros).

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