It is one of Xiaomi’s most useful gadgets and you didn’t know it existed

it is one of xiaomis most useful gadgets and you.jpg
it is one of xiaomis most useful gadgets and you.jpg

Xiaomi gadget repair

Xiaomi has all kinds of products that we use on a daily basis and has become one of the most complete brands on the market. It is recommended for mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs or smart watches. But there are many other interesting products that it has in its catalog and that you don’t know exist, essential gadgets that you should know like the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver, an electric screwdriver and screwdriver with many possibilities and that will make your life much easier.



Although we generally know the Chinese brand for its high quality mobile phones at a low price, it is not the only recommended option it has in its catalog and there are gadgets for the home that will make our lives much easier and this is a clear example of this. In addition, all of them stand out for their careful design and low prices.

What is

It is an electric screwdriver or screwdriver that includes more than twenty different bits of different sizes, with a powerful magnetic motor, metal gearbox, USB C port to recharge the battery, and an aluminum alloy casing.

What does this Xiaomi gadget offer? All kinds of fights, good resistance and countless possible uses that you can give it in your daily life and with gadgets you have.


Xiaomi screwdriver

Thanks to the countless drill bits included adapts to any situation So it is a precision screwdriver that we can use for practically any device we have at home. Xiaomi assures that it is compatible with watches thanks to its precision drill bitswith cameras, with game consoles, with laptops, with smartphones, with glasses, with toys or with other portable devices such as game consoles or drones.

Features and details

In total, the Xiaomi screwdriver has twenty-four high-quality S2 steel bits. Of different sizes and that will adapt to any device to dismantle or assemble electrical components and, as the brand explains, small appliances. In total, six long screwdriver bits with a size of 45 millimeters for all types of tasks and eighteen short screwdriver bits with a size of 28 millimeters.

It is not only practical but compact, easy to carry and store. All the bits, along with the gadget, are perfectly stored in a magnetic and compact case that allows you to store it neatly and that you can take it with you whenever you need. And not only that, but the design of the case of this electric screwdriver has won all kinds of international awards thanks to a comfortable opening and an elegant and modern design. Awarded iF, Red Dot, Japan Good Design, IDEA and Chicago Good Design awards. This is one of the strong points.

Xiaomi screwdriver

Xiaomi also assures that it is a totally resistant gadget and that it has been subjected to all types of tests. In total, it boasts thirteen battery safety tests and three backup functions. security protection for safe use. Among those that the Chinese brand stands out we find: pressure tests, drop tests, vibration tests, low pressure tests, thermal wear tests, temperature cycle tests, acceleration impact tests, heavy object tests, overload tests, external short circuit tests at room temperature. , combustion, heavy object impact, load versus overheating, etc. All of them seek to protect the user and ensure that we will not be in danger despite being an object that is going to fall from our hands many times and that will be subjected to blows or all types of common inclemencies.

Availability and price

The Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver has a price of around 45 euros and we can buy it from the official Xiaomi website in a single model and color, black. But we can also find it in other common distributors such as Amazon, for example.

Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver
Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver
amazon €41.99PC Components €39.99Xiaomi Store €44.99Miravia €49.95
*Prices updated at the time of publishing or reviewing this article. They may vary over time.

And if you want a much more affordable but also recommended model, Xiaomi has the option of buying a screwdriver with a similar design and a large number of bits but, yes, without a motor and without being electric. In this case it will cost you only 15 euros.

My Precision Screwdriver Kit
My Precision Screwdriver Kit
View deal
*Prices updated at the time of publishing or reviewing this article. They may vary over time.



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