It is one of the historical functions of this Microsoft service: now, it is about to disappear forever

it is one of the historical functions of this microsoft.jpg
it is one of the historical functions of this microsoft.jpg

image of a computer with on drive

Microsoft has different services that offer all kinds of functions to its users. One of them is OneDrive, which offers us the option of being able to host all our documents in the cloud without needing to take up local storage. Although, now, Microsoft announces the disappearance of this functionality.

The different options that we currently have on the market for store our files in the cloud allow us, in addition to freeing up our local memory units, to be able access all our documents from any device. With the only requirement of having a stable enough internet connection that allows us to work with them. Of all the tools that exist, One Drive, from Microsoft, is one of the most used. And, for many, one of the essentials in everyday life.

If this is your case, it is important that you know that one of the features that has become strategic for many users is going to disappear forever. This is the possibility of accessing the preview that allows us to upload files directly from a URL. Introduced for the first time in 2021, it was an excellent option for all those users who wanted save a file directly to your OneDrive, without downloading them first. Starting March 29, 2024, this option will permanently be unavailable. The rest of the features, however, will be available to be used normally.

image of a computer with one drive

High maintenance cost

Microsoft has published a note in which it states that, from the beginning, this is an experimental option. However, after “having discovered that this feature has low usage and high maintenance costs“, in addition to identifying that “nor aligns with our vision of OneDrive as a service (…) that syncs your files between devices”has decided to end the service starting at the end of this month.

However, the Redmond company has reassured its users by stating that no file that has been uploaded from a URL will disappear from our virtual hard drive, so it will not be affected by the change at any time and you can continue. making use of it without any type of limitation.

Microsoft’s notice

The company invites, from now on, all its users to review and plan your loads from the rest of the ways that Microsoft allows you to use. Regardless of the size, the technology has different possibilities to store our files in our cloud, since uploading via url It will no longer be available once the previously mentioned date is reached.without prior notice”.

Remember that OneDrive allows us to use OneDrive Web to upload any type of file with a weight of up to 250 GB for each of them. If we are interested in larger files, Microsoft recommends that we use the desktop application instead of using the web environment, since it has fewer weight limitations in this regard.

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