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It is now possible to share songs from YouTube Music on Instagram stories

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The ability to share a song, playlist or album on Instagram, as a poster in stories, was previously enabled for use from Spotify and Apple Music.

Following a similar dynamic, this feature is now enabled for YouTube Music.

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How to Share Songs from YouTube Music as Instagram Story

To carry out this procedure in YouTube Music, the process is identical to that followed from Spotify or Apple Music. Simply, it is necessary to use the “share” button that appears next to the songs, albums, playlists, artist profiles, stations and even video clips in the YouTube Music application, and from there choose Instagram, so that the indicated one is displayed. story to post.

As with songs shared from other streaming platforms, these will appear in stories as a static banner. Its content can be relocated on the screen, be accompanied by text or other elements, except for the music sticker offered by Instagram.

Once a story is shared through this channel, the other Instagram users who view it will be able to go to the song presented by following the link that the application shows in the upper left corner, under the username and profile photo of the account that they share. published it.

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Although it is an option that took a long time to arrive, it can already be used from version 5.23.50 of the YouTube Music application, matching what the other aforementioned platforms already offered regarding this music sharing experience. .

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