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It is now possible to control the main actions of Teams from the Elgato Stream Deck

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We have already talked about the different versions of Stream Deck that Elgato, a company specializing in audiovisual production solutions for professional creators, has launched on the market in recent years, being specialized devices widely used by professional transmitters.

Elgato Stream Deck devices allow you to control multiple aspects through its different customizable buttons, where in addition to computer applications, it is also capable of controlling lights, cameras, microphones, and other elements.

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It sounds quite interesting, so interesting that even Microsoft itself has not wanted to be left behind. In this sense, Microsoft has just released a plugin that allows you to control different aspects of Teams directly from the Stream Deck.

With this plugin, in addition to activating or deactivating the camera or the microphone, users will be able to blur the background of their spaces, record meetings, use the raising of hands function, even link reaction emojis to some of the buttons. Of the device.

To get started, it will only be necessary to activate the use of the Teams API and obtain the automatically generated token, then look for the Microsoft Teams section in the Stream Deck, drag one of the actions to a button and paste the API token. The API token will now be automatically applied with any additional Teams actions added to the device.

According to Microsoft:

With the new integration of the Elgato Stream Deck plugin with Teams³, you can now easily manage and control features right in a Teams meeting and webinar with the touch of a button. By programming custom keys on the Elgato Stream Deck for some of the most commonly used functions in Teams, you’ll be able to manage controls more seamlessly, ensure you never get stuck in silence again, and remember to leave the event once it’s completed.

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This is one of the many novelties that Microsoft Teams has brought us, highlighting the launch of Microsoft Teams Premium, which aspires to be the subscription offer for those who expect to get much more from Microsoft’s virtual meeting platform.

Platforms such as Zoom or Facebook Workplace also have their respective add-ons directly from the Stream Deck web add-on directory, which gives an idea of ​​the possibilities of this device linked to platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

More info/Image Credit: Microsoft

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