It is confirmed: The Xiaomi 13 will be the great rival for performance in the high-end Android

It is confirmed: The Xiaomi 13 will be the great rival for performance in the high-end Android

It is confirmed: The Xiaomi 13 will be the great rival for performance in the high-end Android

It has long seemed quite clear that the Xiaomi 13 It will position itself as one of the great references in the market for high-end Android phones. But, to date, there was no concrete data in this regard. Well, that has changed because the results obtained with this device have appeared in one of the most widely used performance tests today.

The benchmark in question is geekbench, which specifically measures the capacity of the combination of processor and RAM when it comes to demonstrating the capacity of both to execute processes that are demanding -both when turning on a single SoC core or several-. And the truth is that the punctuation obtained by the model 2211133C, which would be the Xiaomi 13, is fantastic. The best that has been seen to date in a high-end model, whether it is Android or not (yes, it surpasses the iPhone 14, be careful with this).

Some of the hardware of the Xiaomi 13 is confirmed

This is one of the first things to comment on regarding the data that has become known due to the publication of the results of the smartphone we are talking about in the performance test database. Thus, the processor as expected will be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm. This is the most powerful that this manufacturer has on the market, and it behaves in an exceptional way in all kinds of situations.

Results in Geekbench of the Xiaomi 13

Where there is a small surprise is in the section of the RAM. The one that can be seen that includes the model that has passed the corresponding tests is 12GB. This is quite high, and generally Geekbench shows the lowest amount that smartphones put up for sale will have. This would mean that the best of the Xiaomi 13 would have sixteen (without completely ruling out an option with eight gigabytes). The truth is that the bet would also be important here if this point is settled.

The Android version has also been revealed

This information is also part of the summary, and as expected the one that will be used by the device is Android 13, without missing the usual MIUI customization of the firm (which has become one of the best currently on the market). The fact is that the combination of hardware and software seems to work like a charm and that, without a doubt, this terminal will be the rival for the rest of the manufacturers.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the cameras that will be part of the Xiaomi 13 due to the results in this test. These aim to be one of the great novelties and advances thanks to the collaboration of Leica. The truth is that everything points very well in the new model of the Asian company that will be announced next month.


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