It is confirmed: the podcasts will reach YouTube, let Spotify tremble

It seems that podcasts have achieved a maturity that they did not achieve at first. And it is for this reason that different companies bet on them with really good results, such as Spotify. Apparently, as has been commented, YouTube does not want to be left out of this market and has decided that they be part of its content. It is true that for some time there have been movements that pointed to this being the case, an example was the hiring of Kai Chuk in October last year to explore the options of podcasts on YouTube. And, as can be seen, the results are so satisfactory that a further step has been taken in this regard. This is none other than the creation of a web domain -which is not yet active- that will be the place where the content we are talking about will be hosted: you can access it at this link. They would have their own section on YouTube Without a doubt, this is important because, to differentiate it from the exclusively video content that is usual on YouTube, there will be its own Home with a different design that adapts as best as possible to podcasts both when it comes to show them as by finding the ones that offer content that is the one that fits each user. All this makes it very clear that this type of audio creation is becoming the dark secret of desire for those companies that offer content generated by third parties, so it is not surprising that Spotify already takes full advantage of it -and that other platforms such as Instagram are taking steps in this regard. So it’s not unreasonable that YouTube wanted to be there. How will the platform implement podcasts? Well, this is something relevant, because for many it can shock that audio content is uploaded to a video platform. But, the truth is that the work is already present on YouTube. Let’s explain ourselves: there are quite a few radio stations (even some podcasts) that upload the static recording of what has been recorded to the Google platform. And, the logical thing is to bet on this way of working. Thus, those who decide to enjoy a podcast on YouTube will be able to listen to everything as usual with their headphones and, at the same time, see each of the participants in the recording. Beware, this can also go to the waterline of Twitch if things end up working. By the way, as is usual with YouTube, it will integrate different editing tools so that creators have everything quite well localized and generating content is simple and intuitive. >