It is confirmed: the Pixel Tablet will be perfect for the Digital Home, why?

It is confirmed: the Pixel Tablet will be perfect for the Digital Home, why?
it is confirmed: the pixel tablet will be perfect for

It is confirmed: the Pixel Tablet will be perfect for the Digital Home, why?

Everything points to the PixelTablet Google will definitely be a reality at the developer event that the Mountain View company has scheduled for May. Until this happens, and taking into account that many official details are known, a new one has been discovered today that is most interesting for this device to become the Digital Home hub.

When the team passes through the FCC entity, which certifies that everything is going as it should to be able to sell a product in the US, it has been discovered that this tablet will have something that in principle it was not expected to integrate: UWB technology (ultra-broadband radio). This, which is already a real bet on the part of companies such as Apple or Samsung, has a large number of uses that will make the Google device much more useful than you might think.

What is gained by using this technology on the Pixel Tablet

Well, apart from offering options such as Near Share or other similar ones on Android that are typical of high-end terminals (and keeping in mind that UWB is even used in remote car keys), there is something that can be key to that this Tablet is differential in the market and has to do with the automatic presence detection.

Let us explain: by using the technology we are talking about, the tablet will be able to notify of its presence in a place so that the rest of the accessories that also use UWB are aware of this and can automatically connect to the computer without having to do anything for this the user (as long as everything is already synchronized in advance). Ideal, therefore, for speakers, televisions and even household appliances. If we add to this that the Pixel Tablet will be compatible with Matter, we are talking about a team that has a Undoubted additional approach to everything that has to do with the Digital Home.

Tablet Pixel Tablet in a dock with speaker

An excellent idea on the part of Google that can announce that its upcoming devices in the Nest range will also include UWB. A good step for the Digital Home to finally arrive (and to make the most of Google Cast technology).

What is expected on the tablet

Apart from offering the use of a base to be able to manage the equipment as if it were a smart screen, everything indicates that the Pixel Tablet will have a screen of 10.95 inches with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and four speakers to offer high-quality sound. Furthermore, this the following is practically certain:

  • Google Tensor 2 processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • WiFi 7 and USB Type C connection
  • 256 gig storage
  • Stylus holder
  • Android 13 operating system

At the moment, there is no data on the price that the Pixel Tablet will have, but taking into account everything that it includes, does not aim to be especially cheap. We’ll see what Google finally decides.