It is becoming clearer: the mute button will say goodbye to the iPhone 15

It is becoming clearer: the mute button will say goodbye to the iPhone 15
it is becoming clearer: the mute button will say goodbye

It is becoming clearer: the mute button will say goodbye to the iPhone 15

As the long-awaited launch of the series approaches Apple iPhone 15something that will happen in the month of September 2023, images are appearing that make clear some details of his possible design. The new images that have been known show the design changes of the next flagship of the Cupertino company.

The leak lets see the one that would be the case of an iPhone 15 Pro Max In it, you can see the new “Custom Button” that has been speculating for a long time that it will be part of the Apple phone. The most significant alteration visible in the images is the relocation of the traditional Silence switch, which has remained unchanged for the last 16 years. In previous iPhone models, this element was located on the upper left side of the device – with a narrow, flat oval opening in the case for easy activation.

Farewell to an old iPhone acquaintance

However, the leaked iPhone 15 Pro Max case features a noticeable change to this familiar design. The opening in the location of the mute switch has undergone a transformation, presenting a wider, rounder design. It is speculated that the button would become new and called “Custom Button”. Therefore, the followers of the phones of the Cupertino firm will have to say goodbye to it.

Possible iPhone 15 Pro case
majin bu

It is said that this button will integrate a miniature processor, allowing users to perform different actions – even in situations when the battery is low or the device is turned off. Are functionalities They would include everything from making secure transactions with Apple Pay to locating the iPhone using Find My iPhone.

additional details

It is important to note that the cover has a distinctive cutout for camera module, which suggests a possible improvement compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The big one indicates that Apple could be introducing a more advanced camera system in the terminal that will replace it on the market, which could well be a periscope-type lens to work better with zoom.

USB port on an iPhone 15 Pro Max case
majin bu

As the leaks continue to arrive, more details are being revealed about what is expected to be new in the new iPhones, where we can expect to know more details about the innovative features and improvements that await us. We will be attentive to the news to keep you informed about what Apple plans to do with its future phone.


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