It has never been so easy to do paperwork. This is how I use my cell phone to save queues at the administration

it has never been so easy to do paperwork this.webp.webp.webp
it has never been so easy to do paperwork this.webp.webp.webp

Doing paperwork with the administration is usually a headache in itself. In addition to having to collect certain documents and fill out forms, there is the question of doing it in person, with the travel and queues that usually entail and that does not include having to make an appointment by telephone.

Fortunately, more and more administrations and general services have gone digital to streamline these procedures and even execute them completely from the device. There are several applications and websites as useful as My Citizen Folder, miDGT or the respective health apps of the CCAA and a long list of remote procedures that can be done in them, but these are the ones that are most useful to me.

Download the register

One of the procedures for which I have had to go to the citizen service office in Pamplona or Madrid in recent years is the registry, useful for a multitude of procedures such as for regulated parking. Precisely this procedure has been one of the last to be incorporated into My Citizen Folder, allowing the data from the registry to be downloaded.

Register My Citizen Folder

Steps to download the registration certificate from My Citizen Folder

Download proof of my degrees

A classic in everyday life both to present candidacy for a job or simply to prove your training regulated is to download proof of your qualifications, which can be university degrees, vocational training, high school, ESO… with their corresponding date of issue, date of end of studies and the center. From here, you can keep the receipt or, as in my case, send it to Passbook to always have it at hand. As you can see, much easier than having to go to the center in question to request it.

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Download the birth certificate

A classic paper document for prove the birth of the Civil Registry and that they often request for certain procedures and that you can download from My Citizen Folder in the form of an official PDF document, to save in the cloud, send in an email, print, etc.

Mycitizenfolder 1

Request duplicates of vehicle documentation

Not too long ago I cleaned the car so well that while you are throwing away old papers, I ended up getting rid of papers in the car as important as the circulation permitbut instead of requesting a duplicate by phone or approaching the DGT, I requested it through the MiDGT app in just five steps from the ‘My procedures’ section.


To pay fines

Compared to approaching the body that fined you in person (for example, at the traffic headquarters or office) or doing so from the internet, those fines imposed by the DGT can subscribe directly from the MiDGT app for more comfort and agility. This option is available in the ‘My fines’ section, where they can also be consulted. Be careful, because from there Not all fines can be paid, only traffic fines. Thus, if it is a fine for regulated parking in the city, for example in Madrid, it would be necessary to do so from the electronic headquarters.

Penalty fee

To make an appointment: DGT, medical consultation, ITV

It’s okay that in this case the cell phone does not solve the procedure in question for me, but Making an appointment from the phone provides three great advantages: that the service is available at any time regardless of the time and day since it is always operational, that you do not have waiting shifts at the switchboard because customer service is busy and you will probably end up calling later and finally, several options, making it more convenient to choose.

To make an appointment at the DGT I enter the MiDGT app and access the ‘My Appointment’ section, to do the same with health services I enter the specific Health application of my autonomous community (here the apps change a lot, but the one in Navarra is in the Appointments section) and for the ITV I pull from the website: just search for ‘request an ITV Navarra appointment’ and, after choosing the station and the type of vehicle, the calendar appears before me to select Date and Time.

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