It had to come… Netflix’s ad-supported subscription is already on Apple TV

It had to come... Netflix's ad-supported subscription is already on Apple TV
it had to come... netflix's ad supported subscription is already on

With Manzana, from time to time things go slower than with the rest of the companies that are in the technology market. And an example of what we say is that the plan with ads of Netflix until now it was not available in your media players. Something that has just been known that is changing.

The subscription with ads from the video platform must be remembered that they have been with us for a long time (in some regions since November 2022), so it has taken a long time to offer support for this option on Apple TV. Nothing that is a surprise, but for some who have one of these devices could be a problem because the option of accessing what the VOD service offers at a very low cost is lost.

What was happening on Apple TV

Basically, that the option of subscribe using the ad-supported option offered by Netflix could not be used, since it was not shown as a possibility. And, the truth is that it is still surprising that the Apple player was one of the few in which doing this was impossible… Especially, taking into account that behind them -and the application itself- there are giants of the technology that are very capable of working on updates quickly and safely.


The fact is that practically five months after the arrival of this possibility, it has been achieved with the Netflix version 2.3.0 for the multimedia player of the Cupertino company. In this way, if you want to contract or change your subscription, you can do everything directly from Apple TV, which is always very convenient, since there are many who use the platform client in these accessories.

Now we have to wait for the rest of the teams In those where it is not possible to access this type of subscription to sign up, such as Windows or PS3, please obtain the corresponding update as soon as possible.

What you get with the Netflix ad-supported subscription

Well, pay less because ads are displayed when content is viewed. The cost in Spain of this plan is €5.99 per month and in what has to do with the restrictions that exist against the plans without advertising, it is important that It is not possible to access some of the content that Netflix has or that you can only enjoy series or movies on a compatible device at a time.

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