It had to arrive: YouTube bets everything on Shorts to create short videos

In a blog post, the company announced that YouTube Stories will soon be removed from the platform. According to the company, users will no longer be able to do anything of this type from the month of June. The feature will be officially shut down, so if you want to put something like this on the service you shouldn’t be long in doing so. The Google-owned firm claims it is removing Stories because other features are more in demand by users. Obviously, it is more than clear that YouTube’s bet is none other than Shorts (not forgetting Live and Community, which already offer the platform’s creators the tools they need to interact with their audience). YouTube is very clear about it Today, there are many ways to create on the platform: from short content to live broadcasts. To prioritize these key features, Stories will disappear as the firm has planned, and from June 26, 2023, the option to create a new YouTube Story will no longer be available. Clearer, possible. Stories already active on that date will expire seven days after they were originally shared. While the type of content we’re talking about will be gone, we’ve found that both Community Posts and YouTube Shorts are great alternatives that can provide valuable options with your audience. Obviously, the little use in Stories is also another reason why YouTube had to end this experience… So much so, that some don’t even know they exist on the platform. Therefore, it is not worth continuing to spend resources on them. New Options for Shorts In the announcement, the company also hinted that it plans to release new features for both Shorts and community posts later in the year: “with new features for Shorts and community posts to be announced at Throughout the year, we’re committed to investing in new and innovative tools to help you grow your audience on YouTube. We look forward to seeing what you create with all these formats: community posts, Shorts, live streams and full-length content.” On the same day that YouTube has announced that it will remove Stories, a report revealed that TikTok is testing a new Artificial Intelligence chatbot, following in Snapchat’s footsteps in the social media arena. Therefore, important developments are coming in this segment of the market. >