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It costs 80 cents and can easily boost your WiFi coverage

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Extend WiFi home can

If the WiFi signal does not reach all the rooms in your home, it is time to find out how to increase that coverage in the simplest way possible. Because if; getting the best coverage will largely depend on where the router is located and the use of signal repeaters. But there is a technique that we can use and that will cause this to be done fully accessible for everyone, as well as very functional.

boost the WiFi signal with a can of Coca-Cola

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It is increasingly necessary to have a good Wi-Fi coverage. Especially if you telecommute, study remotely or simply want to have good Internet coverage at home. But this does not mean that you have to spend large amounts of money or incorporate the most sophisticated devices and equipment.

Not much less. Proof of this is what we are going to see with what is the object that you have probably asked for the most on the street. Is it a simple process? More than that. It is true that to solve the situation of a poor network we can carry out several measures.

The most used by all users with this same problem is to get a WiFi network amplifier. It consists of a small device that we connect to our router and it will enhance the Wi-Fi network signal. But we can also maintain this same purpose thanks to what can be a can of Coca-Cola (or beer, of course).

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Do it yourself manually

The role of the router is very clear; It has the mission of sending and receiving information packets by means of electromagnetic waves. Hence, if we manage to have a source that allows us to reflect them in the direction of the devices we want, there will be many possibilities for the connection capacity to improve a little.

Thus, with a little will and fantasy, you can improvise techniques to build powerful devices with the beautiful label of ‘made by oneself’, and this alternative perfectly meets this premise. If we put the two ideas together, DIY and Wi-Fi, we will see that with little more than a can of just 80 cents we will be able to increase the signal of our home network very effectively.

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WiFi can antennas

The first and fundamental step is to clean the cans, let them dry and cut the bottom and top. In less than 5 minutes you will have your first ‘can-antenna’. Make as many as you need, since depending on the number of antennas that the router has, we will need two, three, four… After also having cut the base of the can, we will have to cut the top part, but with a process that will require more time. precision, since, on this occasion, you will not have to cut everything, leaving an intact part that will join the upper part with the body of the can. The next thing will be to fix the cans to the antennas with double insulating tape.

Don’t expect miracles, but expect a better sign

Finally, you will only have to put this invention on the back of the router or the antennas if you have them. It must always be placed in the direction of the device that you want to enhance, whether it is a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. You also have to be careful with the cut edges, because they can be sharp. At the same time, if you try it, they can be filed a little to avoid accidents.

By measuring the connection speed you can check how the results are visible, and you can enjoy a better WiFi signal at home. It is worth mentioning, however, that the antennas are omnidirectional, or what is the same; send signals in all directions.

With this simple trick to extend the WiFi you can boost the power to a specific place. It is logical that you raise your hands to your head after reading that with an item that we have in the fridge you can improve the Internet signal. Of course, do not think that the speed is going to improve a lot: miracles in this sense, we leave them for others, but you will have a better signal.

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