Is VSCO a social network?


VSCO is an application for mobile devices that combines features of a social network and a photo editing tool. As with social networks like Instagram, VSCO users can edit images, add filters and share them, but the social functions on this platform are cut, as well as a paid version that gives access to more advanced options.

VSCO bets on a reduction in social functions but also offers a paid version with exclusive editing options

The free version of VSCO allows access to basic image editing tools plus a limited selection of filters, something with which it emulates many image retouching and editing apps. Only with the paid version do you have access to the complete catalog of editing tools and a greater number of filters. In addition, subscribers have access to photography tips and tutorials.

Regarding the limitations of social interaction, in VSCO its users cannot mark “like” the publications of other users and data related to metrics, such as number of views, are not publicly displayed. What users do get, and always privately, is notification if any of their images are marked as favorites by another user or if their images are shared in other people’s collections.

Communication between users can be carried out through direct messages that include not only text but also the possibility of sharing links to the images of other users, to which can only be accessed if both users follow each other.

In VSCO all profiles are public and location information is added to the images, although this data can be disabled from the Privacy Settings menu of the user profile.

The images can be published directly on VSCO but also shared on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp…), and they are arranged in these sections:

-Study: Private section where the user can import images that he wants to edit before publishing them.

-Images and Collection: These are the two sections that show the rest of the users the images of a profile from its main page. The Images are those created by the users themselves while the Collections are those created by other users, working as a favorites album.

-Daily: At the moment it only works on the iOS version of the app. It allows to generate a blog with text and images.

In addition, there would be the Discover option that allows you to know the contents of other users who are not followed.

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