Is this New Meme Coin The Next Doge? 100x Growth Incoming

thug life presale easy .jpg
thug life presale easy .jpg

We are always on the lookout for the next hot meme coin. The place to look is the best crypto presales as you will always be able to uncover a hidden gem if you look hard enough. The problem can be finding the best meme coins has never been harder.

Since the Pepe Coin revolution, the market has been flooded with new meme coin projects. Unfortunately, meme coin investment is notoriously risky due to their properties.

Add to that they are the coin most likely to attract scammers and the choice gets tougher. Luckily we have found a brand new meme coin called Thug Life (THUG) that also realizes the difficulty investors are having.

Unlike most meme coins that dance around the topic they openly admit they have no utility and instead want to build a community built on humor, brotherhood, and of course, thuggin.

The presale has literally just started and already there is hype surrounding the project so it is certainly going to be one to watch.

It is ironic how influencers and experts are already jumping on the hype train when the project specifically calls out these people for leaving investors with the bag when they jump ship from a coin they recommend but that’s the Thug Life in action we suppose.

Many are already trying to already prophesize how far Thug Life can rise. Some think it could eventually topple Dogecoin, now this is a very ambitious claim and we tend to live in more of a reality here.

However, that is not to fully deny this cannot happen but we would be first hoping to see it replicate something like the performance of Pepe Coin before we start thinking of it becoming the market’s number one meme coin.

Let’s take a look at what it might have to do to threaten the big players in the meme coin sector.

Is This Meme New Coin the Successor to Doge with 100x Growth on the Horizon? Presale Gains $100k in Mere Hours

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What Does THUG Have to do to Reach the Top?

The presale of Thug Coin (THUG) has just become and it already has surpassed the $100,000 mark. What is great about this presale is that it only has a target of $2 million so we do not have to worry about a big drawn-out process where by the time the listings begin the hype has completely died out.

This goes double when you consider the fact the market is green so the quicker that the coin can get through presale then the quicker it can take advantage of favorable market conditions.

There is another ace in the hole for Thug Life that could really take it over the edge.

As you can see from the above tweet, famous west-coast hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has been tagged. This has caused speculation that Snoop is involved in the project.

The rapper is famous for lending his face to many products from lots of different industries and if it was confirmed he was involved in the project you could really expect it to take off.

What will really dictate whether Thug Life will reach the top is the community they have built. This is where we think there could be real juice because of the audience they have targeted.

The site states that Thug Life is for those that have failed so far in the market or have been duped by other projects.

“Yo, got played at the peak, huh? Your favorite influencer played you for a fool, used you as a cashout tool, leaving your bags worthless while they caked up. We feel your pain, man, and we got your back.”

It is such a clever idea to target this audience because it is likely the majority of crypto investors and especially those that target meme coins.

Who amongst us has not been left frustrated after we were promised now was the perfect time to get involved in a project and then right after this, the price tanked? 

Or who hasn’t invested in a presale only to find it was a cash grab and the inventors can nowhere to be found? In this regard, Thug Life has put its money where its mouth is as the liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges will be locked at the launch.

This ensures that the project isn’t going to run away with the money from the presale and legitimizes the project.

It is difficult to know in these early days how far it can pump but if the presale keeps up this pace we will be looking at listings sooner rather than later. The coin is still fairly undiscovered so ground floor entry is possible which will guarantee the most returns.

Thug Life fits the profile of a meme coin that can see 100x growth and at such a low presale price it is certainly worth a risk at least. If the market is still bullish once listings begin we expect big things.


As we mentioned, meme coin investment can be very profitable but it has a lot of pitfalls. Nothing is a guarantee but every now and then there is a new project that pops up and you just have that feeling that this is going to be one that the market loves.

This is the case with Thug Life, it seems to have its branding down to a tee. Let’s see how things go but we have high hopes even if it is early.

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