Is the Duplicates album not showing up in iOS 16? This is the reason

Apple has explained why iPhone users who have recently updated to iOS 16 may not see the new Duplicates album in the Photos app and what they can do about it.

New in iOS 16, the Photos app will automatically detect any duplicate photos and videos in users’ libraries and group them in a Duplicates album for inspection, giving users the option to merge duplicates and remove redundant media.

However, many users claim that the Duplicates album does not appear after updating their iPhone software, leading them to wonder if they are doing something wrong.

in a new supporting document Apple has clarified that for the duplicates album to appear, the iPhone has to first index the library and find duplicates, but that this detection process requires that iPhone is locked and connected to power.

“Depending on what tasks are running in the background and the size of your library, the process could happen quickly or take up to a few days to complete.“, adds Apple.

Note that if you don’t have any duplicates in your library, the Duplicates album won’t appear in the Photos app until you do.

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