Is it safe to use unofficial Instagram app on your phone? | TC Detective

 Is it safe to use unofficial Instagram app on your phone?  |  TC Detective
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Despite the fact that Instagram is a social network of great popularity and full of features, there are still non-existent tools that are desired by users, either because of privacy terms or because they have not been applied by Meta so far.

In turn, individuals end up being attracted by functionalities present in unofficial applications or modified APK files of the platform. Is it safe to use these parallel apps? Detective TechSmart went after the information and details it for you below.

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Parallel applications that provide access to Instagram seek to attract users by providing functions that are not available in the original application of the social network.

Among them are features such as downloading images and videos, blocking ads, uploading publications and Stories in high definition, anonymous viewing of Stories, among others.

Violation of Instagram guidelines

One of the risks of using parallel applications to access the social network – such as Aero Insta, Instander, GB Instagram and others – is banning the account of the user who carried out the practice.

This is because, according to the guidelines established in Instagram’s terms of use, it is prohibited to use an unofficial APK to access social media. The penalty can range from a temporary block on your profile to a permanent ban.

As much as some of these apps promise access without any risk of punishment, there is no guarantee that installing a platform mod will always go unnoticed by the social network algorithms.

malware danger

Something necessary to understand is that these unofficial Instagram APKs make or request changes to the security settings of cell phones, to allow the installation of other sources – since the download is not done through the official system store.

In turn, without any monitoring of possible threats during the process, the “door” is open to the entry of viruses or other types of malware when installing the application of these mods.

The dangers derived from an invasion are numerous. Theft of credentials and passwords, remote control of the device without the user’s consent and access to bank accounts are some of the threats that arise from such a scenario.

data for third parties

When using an application to “outsourced” access to your social network, you are required to enter your login and password to enable entry. In other words, nothing guarantees that your personal data will be transferred to unknown third parties, which may exploit them improperly.

Some of these apps in the form of Instagram mods have teams based on websites in other countries, so that the identity of whoever is behind the operation remains anonymous. That is, your sensitive information goes to individuals whose origin is totally unknown.

There is another added risk when apps give the option to login through Facebook. Thus, in addition to the Instagram credential, you could also leave your access data from the other Meta platform vulnerable.

Is it safe to use parallel apps?

In summary, it is not recommended to use a parallel application to access your Instagram account. Due to the items mentioned above, using a mod can generate dangers and problems that do not make up for the features that these unofficial tools promise to provide.

From the theft of your personal data to the permanent banning of your Instagram account, the damage can be irreversible or create problems in the user’s life – including financial ones. Therefore, it is worth sticking with the original tool and waiting for the desired functionality to be officially added one day.

Have you ever used any modified Instagram APKs? Have you had problems with this practice? Tell us in the space below.

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