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Is it possible to get rich with cryptocurrencies? [Vídeo]

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Cryptocurrencies have carved a niche in the financial world for two reasons: their digital nature and their apparent ability to appreciate enormously. It is the latter that, without any doubt, has made them gain traction among the public. The promise of quick and easy money has attracted millions and millions of people. But is it possible to get rich with cryptocurrencies? We will talk about that in today’s video.

The truth is that many people will say yes, that it is not only possible to get rich buying cryptocurrencies, but that it is simple. And much easier if you follow their tips, tutorials and advice… or if you enter their private Telegram channel, or if you directly lend them your money so they can move it. All, of course, in exchange for a small commission.

Reject implausible promises of cryptocurrency earnings and do your own research before investing.

But the truth is that the crypto gurus or crypto experts who promise you guaranteed benefits… are lying. In a market as volatile and unpredictable as crypto, no one is absolutely certain of future movements. There is always risk in investing, and if the ‘experts’ don’t make this clear from the start, you should be wary, especially in uncertain economic times.

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Whether they promise that a cryptocurrency is going to be the revolution (see the recent and disastrous case of Luna Terra) or claim that future movements can be predicted through chart analysis, always approach this information as if it were a bear trap: carefully.

Of course, sometimes the cryptogurus are right, it’s pure statistics, but hoh, to remember that luck is not clairvoyance. Always do your own research before investing money in cryptocurrencies and assume that you can always lose all the money invested. Prudence and mistrust are the best weapons to profit from cryptocurrencies.

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