Is it good to have battery saving activated on my phone throughout the day?

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Mobile battery saving is good or bad

The battery has always been the main handicap of mobile phones, and even more so when we already have large screens and applications that require more and more power to run. Having to constantly charge your phone can be a bit tedious, although there is an option called battery saver on all cell phones that can regulate this situation. But, Is it beneficial to have battery saver activated all the time?

Getting to the end of the day with your cell phone battery almost full is quite a feat. Currently, manufacturers are committed to creating batteries with a higher amperage number, but we continue to have the same problem since the launch of the first smartphones: the battery runs out in a matter of hours. Of course, everything depends on the use we make of the mobile phone. If it is a more exhaustive use, the battery will discharge in less time than with average use.

However, with the evolution of technology, there are already mobile phones on the market that have the fast charging function and that can save us in an emergency situation, but it is not the solution. Another option that we can resort to is battery saving or energy saving, which consists of considerably reducing the productivity of the mobile phone to high levels, in such a way that we will achieve more autonomy to the detriment of the use of certain applications and other features.

Mobile battery saving is good or bad

How to activate battery saver

You can activate the popular “battery saving” function in a very simple and fast way whether you have a mobile Android as if you use an iPhone with the operating system iOS.

First of all, for Android phones, you must enter the settings and select the “Battery” option. Once inside this section, you must choose the “Battery saving mode” and activate it. In addition, you will have access to customize this mode as you want, that is, you will be able to configure whether you want to reduce the brightness of the screen and activate its automatic shutdown, and even reduce the refresh rate. With this we will ensure that the battery lasts much longer.

For iPhone, simply go to Settings and go to “Battery” to activate “Battery Saver”. If you want, you can also choose add a shortcut to your control center so you don’t have to go into the mobile settings every time you want to activate it. To do this, within Settings select “Control Center”, “Customize controls” and click on “Save battery”.

Is it good to leave battery saver activated?

In general, it’s not bad having “battery saving mode” permanently activated, but it can be detrimental to the user experience, that is, battery saving deactivates many of the mobile functions that you may not be enjoying without realizing it. In addition, the performance of the smartphone will be considerably reduced and you will not be taking advantage of its potential, which is why, at times, it can lead to negative consequences for the device.

When you activate battery saver, Several key features will no longer work temporarily until you turn it off again. For example, you won’t be able to connect to 5G, screen brightness will be reduced, app update downloads will no longer be done automatically, you won’t be able to receive emails, and background updates and apps will be paused. .

For this reason, the battery saving mode is usually activated when the battery percentage is below 15% and when it is above 80% it is deactivated. In conclusion, battery saving should be used as long as the situation requires it and not abuse it, as you would be wasting the potential of your smartphone.

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