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Is Google Chrome not working well on your mobile phone? So you can fix it

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It is possible that on occasion when using the google-chrome-nvidias-4k-rtx-vsr-upscaling-is-coming-soon-to-the-browser/">Google Chrome browser it does not work well and it is not clear what the reason is. Among the possibilities is that the cache used by the development is not working as it should, and this causes the software to behave erratically. We tell you how to solve this quickly and safely. The cache is information that Google Chrome leaves on the device to be able to work more quickly when accessing the web (it can be data or images). Over time, and regardless of your phone’s operating system, this can become corrupted. And, therefore, the problems arrive.

Luckily, in the app itself there is a tool that allows you to correct the problem by deleting it. This will not make the device perform worse – nor will the application – because everything is regenerated on subsequent uses. Clearing the Google Chrome cache The process in question is very safe, since we repeat that everything necessary is within the Google application. Therefore, you do not have to go to the operating system or install anything in the terminal. In addition, the time they need to do this is quite short, so it’s all positive news for the browser to work as usual again. These are the steps you have to take: Open the Google Chrome browser as usual.

From the main screen, it is not necessary to open a website to do this, click on the icon in the upper right area that has three dots as an image. Among the options that you see in the menu that is displayed, you must choose History. When doing so, you enter a screen that shows the last websites you have visited and, next to the top, there is a link called Clear Navigation Links. Click on it. You will see the different options that the tool has that go from cleaning the history; going through doing the same with cookies; and, most interestingly, you can delete the files and images from the cache. Select what you want to do, but the last possibility should always be checked. Use the Clear data button and wait for everything to finish (it won’t take long). You’re done and Google Chrome should now work perfectly. You can use this function as many times as necessary, since as we have indicated there is no problem for the stability and proper functioning of the Google browser. An excellent option to always keep Chrome in top shape. >

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