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Iron bar-wielding thug hunts family down battering man with weapon by Royal Canal

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A Dublin man out enjoying a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend with his family was viciously attacked by a thug with an iron bar.

The attacker turned on Billy and his family, who were chilling by the royal canal on Sunday evening, after asking if they had any smokes.

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He then chased Billy with the weapon before striking him a number of times, leaving him cut up and bruised.

Billy told Dublin Live that the man approached his family aggressively, while others around them began shouting at him.

“I was chilling beside the canal with my family.” he recalls

“He came around to me, asking me if I had any smokes.


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Iron bar-wielding thug hunts family down battering man with weapon by Royal Canal

“I told him ‘no, I don’t smoke’.

“At the same time he went up to my family and was saying ‘oh f**k off, f**k off’. I said to him what’s up, it’s okay, and he was like ‘what do you mean it’s okay?’

“He was like ‘go on, hit me, hit me’. He just started shouting, and there was a few people behind him shouting.”

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Billy and his family went to leave after this, but the man continued to pursue them before things took a sinister turn.

“We decided to leave the place, we were walking and then he started chasing me with the iron stick,” he said.

“He hit me so many times.

“I was hiding by the trees. I was running from him and he just kept getting closer to me and hitting me.

Billy, who works as a barber, was rushed to the Mater Hospital after the incident.

He suffered a number of cuts and scrapes, and took significant damage to his left arm – though, thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as first feared.

“I had a week off work,” he said.

“But my arm isn’t broken, that’s a good thing.”

And he said he wants to get the message about his ordeal out there so that it could potentially scare off any future attackers.

“I want this man known, I want everyone to know what’s happened,” he said.

“Then other people will not do it again, because they know it’ll be shown to people and everyone will know about it.”

Gardai told Dublin Live: “Gardai are investigating an incident of that occurred at Phibsborough Road, Dublin on August 1 2021 at 8.36pm. A man in his 20s was injured and taken to the Mater Hospital.

“A man in his 30s was arrested and conveyed to Store Street Garda Station and later appeared before the Central Criminal Court.”

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