iPhones are bad smartphones saved by iOS… according to their rival Honor

iphones are bad smartphones saved by ios according to their.jpg
iphones are bad smartphones saved by ios according to their.jpg

Honor, the Chinese smartphone maker, has just made bold claims against tech giant Apple, including its iPhones, which it considers to be “inferior” smartphones to its own.

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Credits: Honor

During an event held at Honor’s R&D center in Shenzhen, CEO Zhao Ming announced the company’s ambitious plans to tackle Apple’s iOS and Huawei’s HarmonyOS. For him, if iPhones are a global success, it is only thanks to their softwareit is exactly on this point that Honor intends to improve.

According to Ming, Apple smartphones have substandard hardware, outdated design, poor cell reception and poor battery life compared to many Android smartphones. Honor’s CEO is obviously referring to the recent Magic 5 Pro, which impressed us during our test. Moreover, the smartphone was ranked first on DXOMARK for its screen and photo performance.

iOS would be the reason for the success of the iPhone, according to Honor

Honor plans to compete with its future iterations of MagicOS, which it aims to build as a rich ecosystem that includes not only smartphones, but also smart home devices and health wearables. Honor’s R&D spending in 2022 was 10% of the company’s total spendingwhich is one of the reasons why Ming is so optimistic about the future of MagicOS.

According to him, iOS and the Apple ecosystem are why iPhones are so popular, which is why the Chinese manufacturer will strive to build a complete ecosystem capable of challenging not only Apple, but also HarmonyOS from Huawei, its previous partner. Honor also recognizes that iOS is fluid, reliable and powerful, and that it is difficult to challenge its dominance in the current market.

Honor also plans to increase its global presence by expanding its product offering and seeking to establish itself in new markets. Honor’s move to challenge the big names in the smartphone industry is a bold one, but by investing enough in this sector, Honor could well become a serious competitor to Apple and Huawei in the future. Only time will tell if Honor’s ambitious plans will come to fruition, but it’s clear the company isn’t just sitting on the sidelines.