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iPhone with satellite communication: SpaceX allegedly wanted to forestall Apple

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The next iphone is said to be able to communicate via satellite. That’s what an expert claims after SpaceX announced a similar service.


A Silicon Valley satellite communications expert claims that along with the iPhone 14 launch, Apple is also launching a satellite service. This should make it possible to send and receive iMessage messages with the new iPhone generation. However, calls or the sending of photos should not be possible. The partner here is the satellite operator Globalstar.

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Tim Farrar is a satellite communications consultant and his firm, TMF Associates, advises companies planning satellite communications projects from Menlo Park, California. As an expert he takes in a series of tweets Comment on the recent announcement by T-Mobile USA and SpaceX, which have announced in the USA that they will offer a new service that will enable smartphones to connect to low-Earth satellites via 5G frequencies. This is intended to close coverage gaps in mobile phone coverage in the USA.

With the announcement, the two companies wanted to anticipate Apple, Farrar now claims. There will be an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater on September 7th. In February, the satellite operator Globalstar announced that it had acquired 17 new satellites for a possible customer – this customer could be Apple. Apple initially plans to offer the service for free. In contrast to SpaceX, however, the usual satellite frequencies are used, so that no approval from the regulatory authority is required. However, this is necessary when using 5G frequencies. However, the advantage here would be that devices do not require a special modem chip.

Rumors that Apple wants to add satellite communications to the iPhone have been circulating for three years. At first, however, there was talk that it was primarily about emergency communication, for example when iPhone users are traveling in an area without cell phone coverage.

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From a European point of view, the question also arises as to whether Apple will offer the satellite feature worldwide or initially only in the USA. Farrar has not yet made any forecast on this.

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