iPhone Will Let You Set a Custom Image or Memoji for Your Calls With iOS 17

screenshot 2023 06 05 at 10 19 42 am.png
screenshot 2023 06 05 at 10 19 42 am.png

You’ll soon be able to dress up your iPhone calls by setting a customized image that shows up on the receiver’s screen when you place a call.

The feature, unveiled during Apple’s WWDC keynote address on Monday, is called personalized contact posters and it’s part of iOS 17, Apple’s next major update for the iPhone.

Personalized contact posters allow you to customize how you’re represented on someone else’s phone when you’re calling them. You can use photos or emoji, paired with typography.

You can choose your own image, font and color, customizing your contact poster much as you might your phone lock screen, Apple said. The images show up not only in calls, but also as part of your contact card, creating a consistent look.

Additional updates are coming to the iOS 17 experience. You’ll be able to turn your own photos into stickers that you can then use in text conversations, alongside standard emoji.

iOS 17 Messages will also transcribe voice memos you receive. A new location sharing feature will allow you to keep track of your friends by seeing their location in your text conversation. And the new Check In feature is aimed at keeping a friend or family member updated on your journey home, notifying them of where you are, and letting them know if you’re having trouble getting home.

iOS 17 is expected to be available as a public beta sometime next month, with the general release in September alongside the rumored iPhone 15 series.

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