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iPhone Users Can Share Digital Car Key With Android Phones

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In 2020, Apple launched a new feature for iPhones, allowing users to register digital keys to unlock technology-compatible vehicles using the company’s cell phone or smart watch. This novelty is available for some models sold by the automakers BMW, Kia and Genesis.

According to information, the Cupertino giant is working in partnership with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to develop a protocol that enables the integration of digital keys on a multiplatform basis. This Friday (2), the company announced that users can share their credentials for Pixel devices through Wallet.

According to the MacRumors portal, the key can be shared with different applications supported by the Android operating system, such as WhatsApp, Messages and E-mail, just follow the step-by-step instructions given in the iPhone wallet. It’s not clear how the feature operates in Google’s software, but more information should come out soon.

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The Cupertino giant claims to intend to expand the service to more smartphones with Android 12 or higher, but has not committed to disclosing a deadline for this to happen. On iPhones, sharing has been enabled since version 16.1 of iOS, released to everyone at the end of October.

  • Digital keys — details

Card to unlock the car in Wallet. (Image: Playback).

Add car key to Wallet:

  1. Make sure your car is linked to the account provided by the manufacturer
  2. Open the car manufacturer’s app, email or text message, or use your car’s screen and follow the instructions to set up a key.
  3. When you are sent to the Wallet app, tap Continue.
  4. If prompted by the onscreen instructions, place the iPhone on the key reader while the iPhone and car pair.
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