iPhone: this is the Apple cell phone with USB Type-C port

Could it be that the iPhone with USB Type-C port? Although there are more smartphones that already have the port to transfer files and charge at the same time, the devices of Manzana they still have internal squabbles because they want to continue being the only ones with the Lightning.

However, a hacker has developed what would be the first iPhone in the world to have the most used port in the world: Type-C.

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This design was released after the controversy in the European Union where it is indicated that the devices must be unified to a single charging system, in addition to incorporating the plug and the headphones inside the box, otherwise they will not be marketed. .


Yes OK Manzana don’t want to add the port USB Type-C In its most recent terminals, a well-known hacker has developed and implemented a charging system on an iPhone X.

Although it seems simple, the steps you perform in the video you posted on YouTube are quite complicated, because you must manipulate a series of solders, cables, and that it is compatible with the Apple device.

Kenny Pi, the name of the creator of the iPhone with a USB Type-C port, mentions that he is working on a full-length video that details the entire process. However, from what we can see from the video provided, soldering, 3D printing, and tiny wiring brought the iPhone with USB Type-C to life.

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Currently the iPhone 13 have a Lightning port, something that is already traditional in the new models of the Cupertino company. Also in its box only comes the cable and the user manuals, but not a charger like its previous models.