iPhone subscription later this year: Apple is working on it, according to Gurman


The presentation event of the new iPhone 14 brought with it several innovations, but not one of those anticipated by rumors and then disappeared into thin air: the announcement of the subscription plan dedicated to iPhone.

There was no mention of this at the event, however it appears that Apple is still working on the project and that it could be announced later this year, Mark Gurman reported in his latest edition of the Power On newsletter. .

According to the insider, in fact, Apple is actively testing the service and it seems that the monthly cost (yet to be defined) will not be similar to that currently used in the 24-month plans that allow you to replace the smartphone after 12 months. At present, in fact, these subscriptions all they do is divide the list price of the smartphone by 24 monthsso they don’t differ much from a normal loan.

Gurman instead argues that Apple’s plan will be proposed as a real service where the monthly cost only partially reflects the list price of the chosen smartphone (in short, a bit like the fact that the monthly plan of a streaming service does not reflect the sum of the costs of the catalog that is accessed), so it is likely to be even lower than that of a traditional subscription.

It also seems that the decision not to present the plan at the launch of the new models was entirely intentional, since it would have added further complexity to day one. Apple probably wanted to reserve this option for a later time, when the hype has already partially subsided. It is therefore possible that the announcement arrives already on the occasion of the October event; at this point we just have to wait.

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