iPhone SE 5G would be launched in April or May depending on the…

iphone se en todos sus colores 650x341.jpeg
iphone se en todos sus colores 650x341.jpeg

This year is key for Apple as it will launch a new iPhone SE that will include 5G and will be the most affordable in the catalog. According to the analyst, Ross Young, the production of the panel dedicated to the screen will start just this month. So the launch could happen in the second half of April or early May. What date will be indicated for the presentation?

A long-awaited iPhone SE at least by new Apple users

The analyst of Display Supply Chain Consultants it is based on the indications given by the supply chain, similar to those that Ming-Chi Kuo has. It has been very reliable over the last year and has provided good details about the upcoming iPhone SE. The design will not change at all, it will be visually identical to the current second generation. It will have a home button with Touch ID but the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 and 5G connectivity will be included.

All reports are checked against those offered by Mark Gurman in the past. The event is planned to be in March or April virtually. A new iPad Air is also expected to be unveiled. Although it will not have a revolutionary design and will not have a much less radical change, everything inside will be interesting and could cause a great change from Android users to potential customers.

A mobile that could have a big change by 2023

Ross Young himself stated a few days ago that there would be a good change for the iPhone SE in 2023. It would be a 5.7-inch iPhone that could resemble a Plus model. It makes all the sense in the world that Apple wants to offer a mobile with a larger screen. All recent devices exceed 6 inches. The last lower iPhone in terms of screen (5.8 inches) was the iPhone 11 Pro.

The years go by, the SE model will be an essence of what began as the iPhone. When will the step be made to a model with Face ID? We assume that Apple will have to revolutionize a security section like this again, perhaps, until you can present a model with Touch ID on the screen to make way for an iPhone SE with Face ID. A reliable candidate to become a new SE in the future could be the already discontinued iPhone XR.

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