iPhone SE 3: a render imagines it with the notch, but will it really be like this?


Over the next few months Apple will present the new third generation iPhone SE, a smartphone that will position itself in the mid-range of the market by focusing on the formula that made this series famous: a High-end SoC, a camera with good performance and design e recycled components from the successful iPhones of previous generations.

The current iPhone SE is in fact an iPhone 11 transplanted into the body of an iPhone 8, but it seems that the 2022 model could aim to offer something different and more modern, at least if you want to believe the words of David Kowalski (xleaks7x), an insider who posted gods new renders of iPhone SE 3 which – according to him – are based on the CAD of the next smartphone from Cupertino. As you can see we are treating this with a lot of skepticism, as the renderings proposed by Kowalski – which you see both at the opening and just below – differ greatly from what we already knew about the third generation iPhone SE.

In fact, Kowalski’s renders show us once again a design that partly incorporates that of the iPhone 8 and SE 2020 – in particular the back, the buttons and the single camera -, while on the front we find the now classic layout that we have seen on all iPhones from iPhone X onwards, that is a large display with thin edges and the notch at the top.

In addition to the renderings, the dimensions of the smartphone are also provided, equal to 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm, practically identical to those of the iPhone 8 / SE 2020, while the display should pass to a 5.69 “drive, therefore slightly wider than that of the iPhone 12/13 mini. Curiously, Kowalski refers to the design of the iPhone XR, which, however, had thicker edges than those shown in the renderings he shared. In addition to this we remind you that XR adopted an LCD type screen, a choice that could certainly make sense for the least expensive iPhone in Apple’s lineup, as will the iPhone SE 3.

Kowalski’s scenario is somewhat plausible but unlikely for a number of reasons. The first is that the rumors of the last few months have repeatedly confirmed that the design of the third generation iPhone SE it won’t be much different from the second one, with the main difference that will lie in the internal hardware update, support for 5G and little more.

The second reason why it is difficult to hypothesize the arrival of this model in 2022 concerns precisely the design and dimensions proposed. As we have also highlighted previously, the iPhone SEs all adopt components already used for previous successful models, precisely because they are expressly based on the recycling of elements already present in Apple’s production chain, in order to reduce production costs and offer the same quality as past models.

It is therefore difficult to hypothesize that Apple designs a 5.69 “panel from scratch to be allocated to an SE, considering that its lineup already has two potential candidates for the role of next iPhone SE. We are talking about both the iPhone XR / 11 pair – which offer the design modern absent from the current SE and all the features in order to offer low-cost products – both of the current iPhone 12/13 mini.

Apple iPhone 11

75.7 x 150.9 x 8.3 mm
6.1 inches – 1792×828 px

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

64.2 x 131.5 x 7.4 mm
5.4 inches – 2340×1080 px

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Whereas the iPhone 14 lineup will not feature a mini variant, the idea of ​​adopting that form factor for a next SE could not be entirely wrong (especially if Apple wants to continue to keep a compact model in the price list), even if that would mean inserting some premium elements like the OLED panel. Connotation premium which may no longer be considered as such in 2023/24 – when the restyle of the SE series is expected – but that’s a matter for another moment.

In short, the design that Kowalski showed us in the renderings is actually plausible for a future SE, however there is a place and a time for everything, but not now. It is still about a possible look at what could be the next generation of smartphones low price from Apple, so let’s keep an eye on it anyway.