iPhone passcode changed and forgotten? iOS 17 resembles the old


iOS 17 provides a “plan B” for those after having changed the code unlock code on the iPhone no longer remember. It is one of the minor changes (but don’t tell anyone who has already had to initialize the iPhone for having forgotten the new code after modifying it) noticed on the beta of the next operating system for Apple smartphones. Apple has set a period of time beyond which there will be no turning back.

Within 72 hours of changing the iPhone passcodewhen you forget the new code and enter a wrong one, you can use the old one to still be authenticated by the smartphone. Up to three days after the change, a new entry appears on the entry screen, something like Forgot your unlock code?when you make a mistake in entering the numeric key.

Just enter the pre-modification unlock code to access the iPhone anyway, but at that point the smartphone forces you to enter a new code, this time – possibly – to remember. In the section Face ID and passcode of the settings, specify the colleagues of macrumors.com who have noticed the novelty, there is however the possibility of “rejecting” the novelty, i.e. of maintaining the current system which leaves no possibility of appeal once the new code has been set: unlocking only with the new code immediately after the modification or the possibility, for 72 hours, of using the old one if necessary.

iOS 17 is in beta number one after its presentation at WWDC 2023, the annual developer conference held earlier this month in Cupertino. For the first time, Apple has also granted free installation of the Developer Beta to those who do not have a developer account (for a fee), which we advise against unless it is an iPhone that you do not use every day: betas are unstable, underoptimized and often full of bugs. iOS 17 is and will be compatible with iPhone Xs and later generations.

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