iPhone: Dozens of people ring his doorbell and accuse him of theft because of the Locate app

iphone dozens of people ring his doorbell and accuse him.jpg
iphone dozens of people ring his doorbell and accuse him.jpg

A Texan citizen told Inside Edition the unpleasant experience he endures on a daily basis due to Apple’s negligence.

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Not a day goes by without one or more owners of Apple, iPhone or AirPods devices ringing at Me Schuster’s door and accusing him of having stolen the said device. He knows neither Eve nor Adam, but he still has to convince all these people, who arrive at all hours of the day, of his innocence.

Victims of theft think they are in their right. Their iPhone’s Find My app got them there. The latter continues to evolve, and is becoming more and more precise. It can now detect iPhones, AirPods and other Apple Watches even when they are turned off. This is for theory, because in practice it turns out that his association with the Maps application (or Maps) gives dangerously erroneous information as is the case here.

Dozens of people falsely accuse him of being a thief because of the Maps app on the iPhone

Beyond the inconvenience caused, Me Schuster begins to fear for his life, in a state where the carrying of weapons is common. He told the news site that he feared that one day “someone irrational would show up with a weapon wanting to get his device back.” We imagine too well the potentially dramatic outcome of such an altercation. As can be seen in the videos he has filmed, he has good reason to be concerned, the confrontations being sometimes very tense.

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According to Me Schuster, the problem stems from the fact that all houses in the neighborhood are registered at the same address in Apple Maps : hers. Some of these disgruntled visitors have also noticed that the location of the stolen object is sometimes several hundred meters from his house. There is probably a thief in the area, but it is Mr. Schuster who is accused, because of an error or misconfiguration in the Apple mapping application. This failure of the Cupertino company is extremely detrimental to Me Schuster. He asserts thathe intends to take the company to court if the matter is not settled as soon as possible.

Source : Inside Edition

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