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iPhone 6 straight to the list of “vintage products”

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Apple, so recently decided to add the iPhone 6 to its list of old and obsolete products or better known as Vintage. This is because this device has already served its time, exceeding more than five years after it was last put up for sale. Although said model had certain particular circumstances at the time of its release, so now its introduction to the vintage list is a bit curious.

model history

The history of the model dates back to 2014, as the release date for the iPhone 6, specifically during the month of September arriving with the iPhone 6 Plus. The regular version had its moment in 2015, being an opportunity for somewhat tighter budgets after the iPhone 6s was on the rise.

Some time later, in 2016 it was the last time the model was seen for sale since the iPhone 7 had arrived. However, there was a relaunch as a cheaper phone in some countries during 2017, continuing its sale until September of 2018. It should be remembered that the iPhone 6 Plus already had its respective pass to the list of vintage products during this year.

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At the time, the iPhone 6 range was one of the most relevant, because they were the first to include the practical Apple Pay system. In addition to being the guideline for the Cupertino company to begin to distinguish its devices in different sizes. Obviously it is a strategy that is still used today, remembering then the importance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The introduction of the iPhone 6

On the vintage list are some Apple products that have been out of distribution for more than five years, but are less than seven years old. In any case, Apple has the service and parts for any of these older devices within a range of 7 years. It should be noted that this is subject to availability of parts.

The new introduction of the iPhone 6 to the list of vintage Apple products was not the only interesting thing. Since the same company moved the iPod nano 7 from the year 2012 and the iPod touch 5th gen to the obsolete list. Similarly, the iPod nano from the year 2015 were also introduced to the list of vintage products. Finally, the iPod shuffle 4th gen from 2012 was also put on the obsolete list, while the 2015 model is on the vintage list.

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