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iPhone 6 joins Apple’s list of outdated devices

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Almost 8 years after its launch, the iPhone 6 finally joins Apple’s list of “vintage” devices, which includes all smartphones that will no longer be supported by Apple at any software level.

iPhone 6 Plus
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After the iPhone 5 in 2018 and more recently the iPhone 6 Plus at the beginning of 2022, it is now the turn of the classic iPhone 6 to join Apple’s list of so-called “vintage” devices. The iPhone 6 range was the first time Apple introduced the larger “Plus” variant of an iPhone. It also featured an all-new curved-edge design that replaced the old flat-edged design of the iPhone 4 through iPhone 5s.

Originally released in 2014, Apple finally relaunched its device in 2017 as a mid-range iPhone, like today’s iPhone SE 5G. It was therefore expected that it would join the list of vintage devices, since it includes smartphones last marketed more than 5 years ago and less than 7 years ago.

Apple bids farewell to the iPhone 6

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Now that the iPhone 6 is classified as a vintage product, repairs will be subject to stock availability. Apple will continue to accept repairs for up to 7 years after the device was last released. but only on the condition that the parts are available.

In two years, the iPhone 6 will join the list of so-called “obsolete” devices. For them, all material services are interrupted, with the exception of Mac laptops which can still benefit from a repair on the battery.

In addition to the iPhone 6, it can also be noted that Apple has moved the 2012 iPod nano 7 and the fifth generation iPod touch from the vintage product list to the obsolete product list, while the models of iPod nano from 2015 are now listed as vintage products. The 2012 fourth-generation iPod shuffle has been moved to the discontinued product list, and the 2015 version is now listed as vintage. Earlier this year, Apple also added the first-generation MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to its vintage roster. The next device to join the list should be the iPhone 7 as soon as next year, but it is not yet known exactly when.

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