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iPhone 16 Flip: Apple’s foldable wins new concept with Dynamic Island and external screen

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Apple has already registered some patents that indicate the development of a foldable version of the iPhone. Now we can get a sense of what this device should look like thanks to designer Technizo Concept, who created renderings and even a video showing the device from different angles.

The concept looks like a foldable version of the iPhone 14 Pro from the inside, while the rear resembles an iPhone 14 due to the dual camera. Furthermore, we noticed that there is an external screen of the same size as the camera module, which creates a harmonious look.

Although visually interesting, such a small screen would greatly limit the use of the external display. In this way, a larger screen as seen on OPPO Find N2 Flip would be more interesting.

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Speaking of OPPO’s smartphone, we also note that the designer was inspired by the Find N2 Flip in the hinge model, which leaves no internal angle when the cell phone is closed.

Unfortunately this is still just a concept, as so far industry reports indicate that Apple should only launch a foldable from 2025. In 2023 we are expected to see the new iPhone 15 with few changes including USB-C port and maybe new capacitive side buttons.

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