iPhone 15 to 15 Pro Max Test Review: Showering Praise on the New Features

Several tests of the latest iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, have been conducted and published by various tech media outlets. The reviews are generally filled with praise for these new smartphones, particularly for the more advanced and feature-rich models.

Focus on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Most of the initial tests and reviews have primarily focused on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, indicating that these models are the main highlights of the new iPhone lineup. While there are also reviews for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, it’s evident that these are considered more conventional and don’t offer as many exciting features as their higher-end counterparts.

One common sentiment expressed in these reviews is that the most significant innovations and improvements are found in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. As is often the case, the flagship models tend to lead the way in terms of introducing cutting-edge features and technologies.

USB-C: A Universal Relief

One major change that has garnered unanimous praise is the transition to USB-C. This shift from the Lightning port to USB-C has been widely welcomed, even though it’s important to note that Apple’s hand was somewhat forced by EU regulations. Reviewers highlight the convenience of this change, eliminating the need to switch between USB-C and Lightning cables for different devices.

USB-C is also noted for its versatility, allowing support for external hard drives and monitors, particularly in the iPhone 15 Pro models. The increased data transfer speeds and compatibility with various peripherals make these devices more appealing to professionals, such as photographers who need to quickly transfer files from their iPhones to MacBooks.

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Titanium: A Lightweight Delight

Another reason why the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have received special attention is the use of titanium in their construction. Reviewers describe titanium as a material that not only looks better than steel but also provides a more refined and premium feel. One standout feature is the significant reduction in weight compared to their predecessors, making these devices noticeably lighter and more comfortable to handle.

In addition to the lightweight advantage, the iPhone 15 Pro models have more rounded edges, enhancing their ergonomics and overall feel in the hand. Despite these design refinements, it’s worth noting that titanium surfaces still tend to attract fingerprints, as observed by some reviewers.

The Action Button: A Practical Addition

The introduction of an Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro models has been well-received for its practicality and customization options. This button allows users to perform various actions, such as toggling between silent and ring modes, launching specific apps or functions, activating accessibility features, and even recording voice memos.

Reviewers appreciate the versatility of this button, which adds convenience to daily smartphone tasks. However, some point out that users need to keep the button pressed for a short duration to trigger the associated action, which can create a slight delay compared to the instant response of the previous physical switch. Additionally, double-tap actions are not yet configurable.

Impressive x5 Optical Zoom on iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has garnered praise for its versatility in photography. Despite having only three physical cameras, Apple promotes it as having the capability of seven lenses. While this includes macro shots and various focal lengths, the three primary optical zoom levels are 13mm (ultra-wide-angle), 24mm (wide-angle), and 120mm (telephoto).

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The x5 periscopic telephoto lens has received particular attention and accolades. Reviewers note that its f/2.8 aperture performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions. The overall color processing and image quality of the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s main sensor have also been appreciated.

Despite these commendations, some comparisons have been made with competing devices like the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, with the latter being preferred in certain aspects, particularly in the realm of photography.

Mixed Sentiments on Battery Life

Regarding performance, benchmark scores provided by MKBHD demonstrate the iPhone 15 Pro’s impressive capabilities, thanks to its A17 Pro chip. These smartphones are recognized for their powerful performance, which is characteristic of Apple’s devices.

However, some reviewers expressed frustration that they couldn’t fully test the gaming features, such as ray tracing and upscaling by MetalFX, as they were not yet available at the time of testing.

In conclusion, the initial tests and reviews of the iPhone 15 series highlight several noteworthy features and improvements, with a particular focus on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. The transition to USB-C, the use of titanium, the addition of the Action button, and the versatile camera capabilities are among the key highlights. While these devices have received praise, some reviewers noted certain limitations and were unable to explore all of the promised gaming features. Overall, the iPhone 15 series appears to continue Apple’s tradition of delivering high-quality, innovative smartphones that cater to a wide range of consumer preferences.