iPhone 15, still predictions on periscopic camera with 10X optical zoom


We will have to wait for the iPhone 15, or in any case it will be called the generation of Melafonini of 2023, to see a camera with a periscope lens and a very high zoom: analyst Jeff Pu is convinced of this, according to a note to investors viewed by colleagues at MacRumors. Pu claims that “at least one model” of the 2023 range (very easy to think of the Pro for reasons of prestige, even better if Pro Max for reasons of space) will offer one 10X optical zoom. Unfortunately there are no other details

An iPhone with a telescopic lens, a technology that can now be defined as common in the Android world, has been talked about for a couple of years now. Until recently, analysts and leakers speculated that we would see it already this year, but at this point the most widespread opinion is that we will have to wait until 2023. According to rumors, it is said that Apple is trying to “circumvent “Samsung as a supplier of some key components, but it does not mean that it will be able to avoid paying royalties to them.

The other big news of the 2023 iPhones could be the arrival of proprietary 5G modems: Apple, remember, had entered into a partnership with Intel a few years ago when it had argued with Qualcomm, but ultimately was not satisfied with the chips developed by Intel and therefore had decided to make peace with Qualcomm. Intel had therefore decided to retire from the sector and Apple had taken the opportunity to buy it the entire modem division.

After all, it makes perfect sense: Apple’s policy has always been to control its hardware and software as much as possible, and for years it has been developing iPhone SoCs at home. According to the first rumors, the first generation 5G modems they will not be integrated into the SoC, a solution that has now become a standard for all the other major players such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.