iPhone 15 Pro will include glove-sensitive buttons with customizable sensitivity adjustment

The news about the next star device from Apple, the iPhone 15 Pro continues to give people something to talk about with all its new exclusive features. This time with capacitive buttons and that will have the ability to work even if the user has gloves on, according to information from a leaker.

Said informant mentions that he previously detailed about the Dynamic Island that included the iPhone 15 Pro. This time he mentioned some information about the new mute switch of the iPhone 15 Pro that would no longer have an action button.

capacitive buttons

During these months, much has been said about the new features and design that the new iPhone would have. For example, the CAD drawings where you can see the 3D renderings carried out by Ian Zelbo. Here you can see the volume buttons and mute switch that would replace the old design with new ones that would be capacitive.

These CAD drawings indicate that the volume rocker on the iPhone 15 Pro will be unified similar to the rocker and not as two separate volume up and down buttons. Also, there’s a certain amount of chance that the new mute switch is just a button, since the usual controls are being replaced with solid-state ones.

Ultra-low power mode and action button

Just as many rumors about the new features were revealed, there is also the information from the leaker who commented on how Apple will fix some past problems with a switch.

It seems not to be, but it is clear that a device of this caliber usually requires power for all its elements to function, such as the buttons. So now there will be a new ultra-low power mode so that the device continues to work on its buttons even if it is turned off or without power. Thanks to the system proposed so that the smartphone works with Find My regardless of whether it is turned off.

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The leaker also mentioned that the mute button will now be a user customizable action button. Something similar to what the Apple Watch Ultra presented.

iPhone 15 Pro with glove-sensitive buttons

An interesting feature that will arrive along with the capacitive buttons is the interaction with gloves and covers. This is because direct contact with the skin is required for the sensors to correctly recognize the actions.

Now, first of all, it is necessary to know the possibilities and functions that capacitive buttons bring with them. These work continuously charging and discharging the sensors through very light electrical currents. So in case you need it, it is enough that this stored electrical charge is deployed to the button for the sensor to be correctly activated.

The interesting thing is that it works because the human body itself is a capacitor itself, that is, through your fingers you can store and discharge these light charges of electrical energy. Although the operation in contact with the sensors of the capacitive buttons is unknown. This direct contact makes the sensors work, but that’s why the question of how they will work with gloves and holsters is so important. It can even be a serious problem for operation, not only because of the gloves but also when using the company’s highly acclaimed miscellaneous holsters.

The leaker was forceful with this topic answering the question in a MacRumors forum. This indicated that the sensitivity of the iPhone 15 Pro in the buttons will be fully customizable, that is to say that the operation will be fully accessible through covers and gloves.

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However, You don’t really know the actual operation of the buttons when wearing the gloves or through the holsters, even with the sensitivity adjustments.