iPhone 15 Pro: Periscope zoom is increasingly likely


It comes back to talk about iPhone 15, that is the iPhone generation expected for 2023, and in doing so we again touch a very important topic in any current smartphone: the photographic sector. The latest rumors were reported by 9to5Mac following access to the analyst’s report Jeff Pu, who returns to talk about the possible arrival of the periscopic zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro series, or the one that represents in effect the high-end smartphone in Cupertino.

Pu had already expressed himself in this sense at the beginning of the year, but on that occasion he had talked about a 10x optical periscope zoom, while in the most recent report it is mentioned a 5x unit, therefore going to significantly resize the zoom factor. Probably the 5x is the most sensible choice in case Apple does not intend to equip two tele cameras, as all zoom levels between 1x and 10x would have to be managed via digital zoom on the main camera, creating major quality issues on high and sub 10x levels.

Samsung has compensated for this by introducing a 3x tele camera that handles intermediate magnifications, but should Apple fail to do the same, 5x is undoubtedly the value not to go beyond, in order to ensure a smoother transition between the two. two cameras.

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Returning instead to the report by Pu, the analyst made the name of Lante Optics with regards to the possible supplier who will carry out the periscope modules, which have already been supplied to Apple for an initial qualitative analysis. The Cupertino house is reportedly expected to have its say final decision in May and, should the operation go through, Lante Optics is expected to carry out over 100 million modules, one of its supplies most profitable ever.

We remind you that the rumors are related to the iPhone Pro of the 2023 generation, so we do not expect any periscopic camera on the iPhone 14 that will be presented in 2022, which, however, should introduce significant innovations on the photographic front, including the possible transition to a main sensor from 48 MegaPixel which will give way to the possibility of recording in 8K also on Cupertino smartphones.