iPhone 15 Pro: new leak reinforces the end of physical buttons and option with haptic feedback

iPhone 15 Pro: new leak reinforces the end of physical buttons and option with haptic feedback

Update (11/24/22) – JB

After Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple should abandon the use of physical buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro line, a new report released this Thursday reinforces this rumor.

That’s because Barclays has revealed that Apple supplier Cirrus Logic has sent a letter to shareholders saying it is working with a “strategic customer” and this should result in the sale of a new HPMS component for smartphones.

The acronym HPMS stands for Cirrus Logic’s high-performance mixed-signal chips, which include the haptic drivers used in the Tapic Engine in iPhones.

The company’s CEO, John Foryth, indicates that the deadline for launching the new component is for “the middle of next year”. That is, in the period when Apple begins mass production of a new iPhone.

According to sources, this new component should be responsible for giving tactile feedback for the solid volume and power buttons.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter.

Image/Playback: iPhone 14 Pro.

Original text (10/28/22)

Apple iPhone 15 Pro line may adopt buttons with haptic feedback, says Kuo

The information that the apple will do away with physical buttons on iPhones circulated for some time🇧🇷 Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for bringing news from Apple, has reaffirmed that this possibility could arrive on the “iPhones 15 Pro”.

On his Twitter profile, the analyst stated that Apple could replace the physical buttons on the Pro models with versions with capacitive sensors, that is, adopt a “solid button design” in the on and off functions of the devices.

According to Kuo, the novelty will work very similarly to the button Touch ID From iPhone 7 [Plus]🇧🇷 8 [Plus] what if (2nd and 3rd generations), which simulates the act of pressing from a sensor Taptic Engine which generates a tactile response.

The solid-state buttons won’t physically sink in and instead offer haptic feedback to confirm presses. Kuo hopes that Android makers will also follow Apple’s approach with their premium phones.

besides the design without a physical button on the body of Pro devices, the line iPhone 15 must also replace the outdated Lightning port with the USB-C port🇧🇷 Kuo pointed out that these will be the two biggest changes from Apple’s next-generation phones.

And you, what do you expect for the iPhone 15? Tell us in the comments down below!

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