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iPhone 15 Pro: Discover the latest rumors about the ‘buttonless design’ and more

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Everything seems to indicate that the next generation of Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone 15 Pro, will have some pretty important design changes. For example, and one of the most commented rumors, it is the new “buttonless design” that will provide additional Taptic Engines, at least according to relevant reports. Among the most important designs and changes, which ones could finally reach the new iPhone?

Possible new buttons in solid state

First known analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo came up with an important report on the new volume and power buttons, being the first to mention it. Both the volume and power buttons are rumored to be adding a solid-state version similar to that of its predecessor, the iPhone 7. He also comments that This novelty is practically exclusive to the Pro range versions and is distinctive to the usual mechanical button.

Apple has something similar in the Mac versions, which apparently don’t physically move, but which if they have the ability to imitate the sensation of pressure and with slight vibrations.

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Now, according to other reports, these new iPhones will have extra Taptic Engines on the left and right sides that assimilate the physical sensation to some usual buttons when pressed. This possible design means that now the Taptic Engines that are integrated into the iPhone will go from just one to three.

The Barclays outlet also confirmed what analyst Kuo said some time later. Adding that the supplier of Apple, Cirrus Logic, declared some questions about the apparent design changes that would arrive for the iPhone 15 Pro regarding the haptic buttons. Kuo would eventually add this to his own prediction, especially mentioning Cirrus Logic’s words.

As for analyst Jeff Pu, I have no hesitation in joining the claims of the iPhone 15 Pro models. He commented that solid, haptic-responsive power and volume buttons could be added with just two extra Taptic Engines. This pretty much reinforces what Kuo mentioned, making this one of the strongest rumors among analysts regarding the new design.

Taptic Engine in the iPhone 6S, the first iPhone model to feature this component.

More questions about the new design of the iPhone 15 Pro

There have already been a lot of rumors about Apple’s plans for solid-state buttons on the Apple Watch. However, this has not happened so far. Back then, the possible advantage of the buttons would be improvements in water resistance and a better distribution of internal space. Although it does not mean that this ends up really happening with the iPhone, because two more Taptic Engines require covering more internal space.

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There is also not much information on the operation of the haptic buttons when placing the covers, especially if it is necessary to have direct tactile contact. Likewise, answers to the recovery mode of the device are also needed in case the iPhone has some complication or problem that requires said mode.

In the year 2021, iPhone rumors indicated that the Cupertino company wanted to return to the aesthetic of round buttons as on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S. Therefore, it may have finally been decided that the iPhone 15 Pro includes said change. Round buttons would bring back a different style with more surface area for the direct contact needed. In addition, they would be much more visible to the user in current iPhone models and a new feature would stand out. The problem is that the leaks of the iPhone 15 Pro do not say much about the change in the buttons.

During the iOS 16 rollout in 2022, it was discussed that enabling the haptic keyboard feature could drain the iPhone’s battery more quickly. Ignoring the fact that any function can use up the battery, it is relevant if the company itself decided to mention it before other issues, because perhaps the amount of energy is really significant. So this is another question for the next model.

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It is still believed that the iPhone 15 Pro will also have other extra integrations such as titanium frame, USB-C port, Sony image sensors, periscope telephoto lens, 8 GB of memory, 3nm “A17 Bionic” chip and much more.

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