iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra without physical keys: new clues from the production chain


The rumors regarding one of the most important news continue to intensify curious of the next top of the range of the iPhone 15 series, or the removal of the physical keys from the Pro and Ultra models, which will be replaced by pressure sensitive digital keys and can play a haptic feedback thanks to the presence of a according to Taptic Engine.

The keys involved in this change will be all those currently present on the smartphone, then the power button and the two dedicated to volume adjustment, while there are no details regarding what will be the future of the physical lever for activating silent mode.

To give further confirmation of the intention to continue in this direction, one of Apple’s suppliers thought about it, that is Cirrus Logicwho during a call with investors claimed to be holding a supply contract for one of his strategic customers concerning gods new HPMS components (high-performance mixed-signal), i.e. chips linked to Apple’s Taptic Engine. During the call he also confirmed that this supply is expected second half of 2023therefore in line with the timing of the launch of the new models.


The replacement of the physical keys with digital ones, based on a combination of sensors and haptic vibration, is not new at Apple and began with the home key of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. From those models onwards, all iPhones equipped of the traditional design (then all SEs) have always adopted this solution which has been well accepted by users, since the feeling reproduced is exactly that of a physical keywithout however having to deal with the possible wear of the same, a problem that has affected various generations of iPhones for years.

However, the use of a digital component instead of the physical one has led Apple to modify some long-established procedures, such as the combination of keys to press in order to put the smartphone in Recovery mode, in order to restore it in case of problems . This combination, up to iPhone 6s, involved the home button, but the transition to the digital button has led to its exclusion from the process because, in the event of serious problems or malfunctions, it may not be possible to count on its support.

So switching to an iPhone completely devoid of physical keys will lead to a new one Review of all forced shutdown and recovery mode activation procedures and it will be interesting to understand how Apple will ensure that these will always be accessible even if the smartphone no longer responds to any command.

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