iPhone 15: How likely is the return of Touch ID

iphone 15 how likely is the return of touch id.jpeg
iphone 15 how likely is the return of touch id.jpeg

With the exception of the SE, Apple has been using facial recognition for years in current iPhones. But what are the chances of Touch ID coming back?


A combination of Touch ID and Face ID could improve the iPhone significantly: not only would the device be better secured than just fingerprint or face recognition alone, users would also always have an alternative ready in special applications such as using a mask and sunglasses at the same time. The fact that Apple is planning such a security combination has been floating around in the rumor mill for a long time. Now there is new material for discussion.


The mostly well-informed Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman dealt with the subject again over the holiday weekend. As part of his newsletter, he repeated information that Apple had tested sensors for fingerprint recognition several times in recent years, which are directly in the display, but are hesitant to implement them. “The company has looked at in-screen touch ID and even considered putting the technology in the power button.” The latter would not be new – the current generation of the iPad Air and iPad mini use this process.

Gourmet believes that Face ID will remain the standard technology. “Right now, I believe Face ID is the future and Touch ID isn’t coming back to flagship iPhones, at least not for the foreseeable future.” That also means that you shouldn’t hope for the Touch ID-Face ID combo for the iPhone 15, which is expected in autumn 2023.

According to Gourman, however, it is conceivable that Apple will relocate the Touch ID sensor to cheaper iPhones. For example, an upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE could no longer have a home button, but move Touch ID to the sleep/wake button like the iPads mentioned. Because that’s where Apple makes the difference between Pro and non-Pro iPads – the Pro models have Face ID, the non-Pro models Touch ID. “However, I have not heard anything that there is actually anything in the pipeline here,” admits Gurman.

In fact, there were rumors last August that the “iPhone SE 4” could appear with Face ID for the first time. Instead of the iPhone 7, Apple wants to derive the device from the iPhone XR. Although this model was already released in 2018, it still has a TrueDepth front module with face recognition and the (now old) design language of the group with a full-surface display including a camera notch (“notch”).

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