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iPhone 15: despite the switch to USB-C, Apple has found a way to promote its own cables

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According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will integrate into iPhone 15s that will allow them to detect MFi-certified cables from others. In the first case, the connected devices will benefit from the transfer speeds offered by USB 3.1 Gen 2. In the other, the performance of smartphones will be limited to the bare minimum.

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It is a small revolution which is preparing. The European Union has managed to impose its will on Apple, and the Apple firm will have to implement the USB-C socket on its future iPhones. The change will be effective from September 2023, when the iPhone 15 should be released of the brand. Although the company has accepted the Commission’s decision, it does not seem ready to give up the financial windfall brought to it by the sale of MFi (Made for iOS) certified products.

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According to Apple expert Ming Chi Kuo, the Cupertino company has found a way to continue operating its MFi program (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad). Certified products will benefit from the best features, i.e. fast charging for the 20W USB‑C power adapter, for example, or even higher transfer speeds for certified cables. In other words, Apple will restrict the performance of non-MFi cables. According to Ming Chi Kuo, if the iPhone 15 meets the expected success, sales of the 20 W USB-C power adapter should also take off.

Only MFi-certified cables will provide optimal performance on the iPhone 15

The 20 W USB‑C charger costing only €25 on the French Apple store, it will present the best performance/price ratio to all users of the new Apple brand smartphone. And at such a price, again according to the analyst, customers could even buy several, so as not to have to move their charger from one place to another. The financial expert believes that Charger sales could increase 30%-40% YoY.

The fears of observers therefore seem to be confirmed. To take advantage of the optimal performance of the iPhone 15 and future generations of Apple smartphones, you will need to purchase MFi-certified accessories. Otherwise, you will have to settle for lower transfer speeds.

Source : Mac Rumors

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