iPhone 15: Apple is expected to raise the prices of all smartphones this year

iphone 15 apple is expected to raise the prices of.jpg
iphone 15 apple is expected to raise the prices of.jpg

Bad news, Apple fans may have to spend a little more money than expected when the highly anticipated iPhone 15 hits the market next September.

iPhone 15 Pro (6)

According to a note from famed Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, obtained by financial publication Barron’s, the tech giant is reportedly planning to raise the price of its upcoming iPhone 15 line. Ives, known for his accurate predictions regarding iPhone price adjustmentssaid during an intervention on CNBC that he expects average selling prices to increase with the launch of the new models in September.

Last year, the pricing strategy for the iPhone 14 had variations by region. Apple has adjusted international prices based on currency fluctuations, which has led to higher costs in some countries, including in particular in France. On the other hand, prices remained stable in the United States and China.

iPhone prices could rise in 2023

If Apple were to increase its prices in the United States, it would therefore be a first since 2017. An increase across the Atlantic would inevitably lead to an increase in prices here, thus making the prices of smartphones soar. As a reminder, the iPhone 14 are available from 1019 euros, and the Pro Max model with 1 TB of storage peaks at 2129 euros.

Regarding the expected price increase, Ives announces thatApple could increase the prices of the high-end iPhone 15 Pro models by almost $200. In question, we can notably cite the use of an A17 chip engraved in 3 nm by TSMC. The company’s chip wafers have seen their prices skyrocket compared to the previous generation, and this could affect the final prices of the devices.

Ives predicts that Apple will ship between 235 million and 240 million units of the iPhone 15 in 2023. Even if prices increase by an average of $100 per unit, this would already translate into additional revenue of $23.5 billion. for the company.

Ives was also optimistic about Apple’s services segment, which he said sets the company apart from competitors. He predicts that Apple’s valuation, which currently stands at $2.85 trillion, could reach $3.5 trillion to $4 trillion over the next 18 to 24 months.

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