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iPhone 14 Pro users report flashes of horizontal lines when turning on

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The conversation has arisen on social networks. During yesterday’s session, many users of Manzana reported strange horizontal flashes on their smartphone screens during power up. This problem seems to take place on iPhone 14 Pro and also iPhone 14 Pro Max. The worst part of this problem is that users don’t seem to know why it happens. No one knows how to fix this alleged issue either.

Everything seems to point to the iOS 16 update

On Reddit there have been many users who have screamed to heaven with this issue. Most of the issues that have been reported have to do with the iPhone 14 series in all its many versions. All of them are complaining that one or more green and yellowish lines appear and flicker on the horizon of the screen when you turn on the mobile. However, these lines are not permanent. They go away automatically when the smartphone is turned on completely. They appear just a few seconds before the device starts up. This is an image of those that have been uploaded that proves the mishap:

iPhone 14 Pro users report flashes of horizontal lines when turning on

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Some users have already reported this problem to the Apple support team. According to them, the support team has confirmed the problem. However, have assured users that the horizontal lines on their iPhone 14 have nothing to do with the hardware. Apple support says it’s a software issue. In fact, they have identified that it is a bug in iOS 16.

Apple is already working to fix the bug

Other users have also confirmed that they first saw the issue while updating to iOS 16.2. On Reddit, Apple support forums, and other Apple-related forums, some users have also confirmed that the issue occurred even earlier. According to them, horizontal lines appeared after updating to iOS 16.

A user who claimed to have spoken to one of Apple’s engineers said that the company is working on a patch to fix the iPhone 14 issue. However, there are no details about this patch. Apple is currently testing iOS 16.3 with developers and public beta testers. But iOS 16.3 won’t be available until early next year. Therefore, two options open up: either Apple releases a patch to fix it, or users will have to wait until iOS 16.3 is finally available.


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