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iPhone 14 Pro: some users have to go through iTunes to activate it and install iOS 16

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More and more Apple customers testify to the difficulty, even the impossibility, of installing iOS 16 and activating their freshly unboxed iPhone 14 Pro. For a company like Apple, this is a big problem, as millions of customers could be affected.

iPhone 14 Pro some users have to go through iTunes

Today is the big day for everyone who ordered an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. Barring bad news, in the form of a message from Apple informing you of a delay in delivery of your device, for example, you should be able to enjoy your new iPhone, but not without activating it beforehand. It is at this stage that some users have reported experiencing a somewhat Kafkaesque situation.

Apple readily admits this. Some users encounter difficulties activating their iPhone 14 using a Wi-Fi connection. In an internal note obtained by MacRumors, the company describes the way of the cross for users who are victims of this iOS 16 bug. When activating their iPhone, users are asked to connect to a Wifi network . Once done, the iPhone unfortunately fails to sync automatically and seems to be “pedaling in semolina”.

Installing iOS 16 and activating iPhone 14 Pros can be a little irritating

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According to Apple, in this case it is necessary to go back to the previous step, and choose the option “Connect to a Mac or PC with iTunes”. You must then return to the previous screen and reselect the option “Connect to a Wifi network”. Nothing says that this technique works the first time, it will therefore be necessary to be patient, and to insist in renewing the operation until it works. As we can see, the approach, if it is not incredibly complex, risks putting off users who are less tech-savvy, even those who have bought an Apple device, “because it works”.

The engineers of the Cupertino company would already be hard at work to solve the problem. But as Apple states in its memo, this incident comes at an inopportune time possible: the delivery of millions of iPhone 14 Pro to their customers. This bug should not be generalized, otherwise the company’s servers will implode. To avoid overloading technicians, after-sales personnel are asked not to create an incident ticket for this particular problem. According to the company’s statements, the iOS 16.0.1 update will, at least in part, solve this problem.

Source: MacRumors

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