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iPhone 14 Pro in an extreme drop test: it’s really armored

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Over the past few years, Apple has focused heavily on improving the glass resistance of its iphones, especially since it introduced Ceramic Shield panels with the 2020 models. A few days after the launch of the iPhone 14 range, it’s back to talk of the matter thanks to a new resistance test posted on the channel TechRax that compares the latest iPhone 14 Pro with iPhone 13 (our review) in a particular drop test.

As you can see in the video proposed just below, the two iPhones are dropped into the void from the top of a very high stairwell, in which the two smartphones travel several floors before crashing on one of the landings. This is obviously an unscientific test, as iPhones travel different distances, but what is striking is the difference in damage suffered by the two unitsHere’s what it is:

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We would like to point out that a more correct test would have compared the 14 Pro with its direct predecessor – iPhone 13 Pro, still very current -, since only the Pro models are equipped with the more resistant steel rim, however the difference after two falls is so high that this factor alone is not enough to explain the results.

In short, it seems that Apple has done a good job with the new iPhone 14 Pro, to the point of making them particularly resistant even in the event of such extreme falls. If you want to take a look at the complete test, you can find it in the following video.

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