iPhone 14: Is the preference for the Pro models right? A pro and con

iphone 14 is the preference for the pro models right.jpg
iphone 14 is the preference for the pro models right.jpg

The differences between standard and Pro iPhones have never been as big as they are this year. Is this the right strategy for Apple and customers?


With the new iPhones from 2022, Apple has enhanced the Pro models with a 48-megapixel camera, always-on display and the “Dynamic Island” – an area of ​​the display that is actually pixel-free, but its surroundings are used to display special content is used – further upgraded. Until now, certain features such as a telephoto lens were only available on the iPhone Pro.


On the other hand, the iPhone 14 has hardly changed in terms of technical data compared to the iPhone 13, but costs significantly more. This raises the question of whether Apple prefers the Pro iPhones too much.


Up until this fall, it was clear: If I buy the respective Pro model of an iPhone, I can get a few extras for a little more money, but I don’t necessarily need them. That was the slightly better camera with a telephoto lens, for example, or the screen with a high frame rate (ProMotion). Everything is different this year: While almost nothing has changed between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 – apart from the new display size of the iPhone 14 Plus, which replaces the iPhone 13 mini – the difference between the normal 14 and its Pro siblings bigger than ever.

I find that only logical. Apple is making the previously rather vague generic term “Pro” a relevant size for the iPhone, as is known from the Mac. Only the Pro models have the – amazingly fascinating – Dynamic Island, the always-on display and the main camera with the highest resolution of an iPhone to date at 48 megapixels. You finally know what you get out of it if you put more bills on the table at Apple.

The group itself apparently wants to achieve an increase in sales per device sold: the iPhone Pro has never been as tempting as it is this year. There will be many customers who will ignore the iPhone 14 and instead switch to the 14 Pro or straight to the 14 Pro Max. And rightly so, after all, the Pro models are much more attractive. I still find it hard that you have to invest at least 1300 euros without a mobile phone contract. There was a time when we all got terribly upset when an iPhone hit the $1,000 mark. Now you can spend up to 2200 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. (bsc)


Small children, I experience this regularly at home, like to explore how far they can go with their parents. It seems to me that with regard to the iPhone 14, this also applies to global companies like Apple. Both in terms of price and equipment, Apple puts the buyer’s nerves to the test – recognizable in the effort to inspire those interested in the Pro models and to get the most out of them.

This year, however, I see the risk that Apple will go too far with its standard models. Increasing the price to around 1000 euros and at the same time making even more compromises compared to the Pro devices simply doesn’t go together well – even if the price increase is primarily due to exchange rates. I think a strong standard model looks good on Apple.

I’ve been able to convince many friends and acquaintances in recent years to give the iPhone a chance because I simply think it’s the better smartphone. This was usually the beginning of a long-term customer relationship. Would the hesitant go for a more expensive device with so many drawbacks, or would they have bought a Pro for even more money? I doubt it. A strong standard model is also in my interest as a longtime Pro Max user. It adds to the platform’s reach and benefits all iPhone owners. If Apple now squeezes the lemons of those willing to buy, that may make the balance sheet look better for the moment. On track I find that a risky strategy. But I’m still confident that Apple is just looking at what’s possible. Just like the iPhone 12 mini. This was also an attempt that was canceled after the second attempt. How long will the plus be there?

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