iPhone 14, iPad and Mac but not only: Apple’s rich 2022 according to Bloomberg


While the availability of the iPhone 13 is normalizing, giving good hope for the proceeds of the next quarter, a 2022 has just opened that promises to be full of news at Apple, more substantial than last year according to what Mark wrote. Bloomberg’s Gurman. The journalist, a reliable and well-known source for technology enthusiasts, wrote a long article in which he took stock of the last 12 months but above all tried to look forward, rattling off a series of forecasts in many cases not unpublished, but useful to try to have an overall picture of what awaits us on the shore of Cupertino.


iPhone 14 will say goodbye to the notch, as now rumored before the presentation of the model currently on the market, and will be anticipated in the first half of the year by a new iPhone SE in the 5G version. Triple novelty regarding the Apple Watch, instead: the Series 8 and the new SE should be accompanied by a more resistant model designed for those who practice extreme sports.


The Mac line-up, already strengthened this year by the launch of the new MacBook Pro, will get wider with a new smaller model of the laptop and equipped with a maximum of 40 CPU cores and 128 GPU cores, but also a new Mac mini and an iMac Pro equipped with a generously sized screen. According to Gurman, among other things, WWDC 2022 will also be an opportunity for Apple to complete the transition that saw it go from using Intel processors to Apple Silicon.

For Bloomberg 2022 will see “the biggest redesign in the history of the MacBook Airand a new iPad Pro with wireless charging. For the latter, considering the possible launch times and the fact that the one equipped with M1 can already boast excellent performances, the journalist does not know if there will be a way to see him immediately with the M2 or if we will have to wait a little longer. Both Macs and iPads could also benefit from the arrival of a new external monitor from Apple and sold at about half the price of the Pro Display XDR (which, however, would not be a figure for everyone).


For the software, however, there are no indications yet: the package of new features for iOS 16 (codenamed Sydney) and for MacOS 13 (codenamed Rome) will be defined in the smallest details by spring, so you have to wait a bit to know what all the features introduced by the two updates will be.


On the other hand, there are no certainties on the front of the Apple viewer, codenamed N301 and capable of mixing typical characteristics of virtual reality with those of augmented reality: WWDC 2022 could be the right opportunity to show it together with its operating system, rOS that comes internally called Oak, but the fact that its presentation has already been postponed in the past does not give certainty even for the year that has just begun.